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Monday, December 21, 2009

New Book, New Vigor?

So I picked up another book to help me with my study of Japanese, specifically, Kanji. This one is called “Crazy for Kanji” written by Eve Kushner (who contributes to this great blog here: Where Heisig works to teach you Kanji, Kusher works rather to teach you how to study kanji.

I've already discussed how Heisig's method is very effective, but I had trouble focusing on it. Even though it is based on some whimsical, often amusing tales, I still had trouble keeping to the task. Kushner aims to alleviate this by trying to show the many ways kanji can be fascination. In the end, Heisig is essentially a means to an end, a method of getting the kaji into your head and that's it. Kusher offers a much deeper knowledge of the kaji, discussing their history, patterns, evolution and so much more.

I said I wanted to continue to use Heisig and I am, but I'm going to try to do it at a higher speed, not necessarily going over each kanji to the degree Heisig envisioned. What I hoping is to see them, and then as they pop up in Rosetta Stone, I can deepen my knowledge and make the connections I need. This could backfire horribly though, we shall see.

I think Kusher's book is interesting but I won't truly know how I feel about it for a long while. I feel it is the type of book you need to read at least twice. Once, when you are starting your study of the kanji to give you a sense of what to look for. Then a second time after you've become more proficient with kanji, to truly discover everything she's talked about. At any rate, I plan to deal much more directly with the kanji while I'm doing the Rosetta Stone, making sure I at least get a good look at them, and break down kanji combinations when I come across them. Well, here's to hoping it all works out.

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